Active DVB-T Antenna


This product is an amplified screen antenna for Alpine DVB-T tuners and consists of two antennas.

Produkt information

Please take note of the following installation guidelines:

  •  Make sure that the antennas are separated from each other as far as possible. For example, place one antenna at the front, and the other at the back of the vehicle (see figure 1A and 1B). Or place one antenna at the left and the other at the right side (see figure 2A and 2B).
  •  Try to keep the antenna as far away as possible from metal parts like the roof or window frame of the vehicle.
  •  Be aware of installed window heating inside the front or rear window. Sometimes very thin lines are present in the front window which act as a reflector and so disturb a good reception. An often good position to install the antenna, is behind the mirror; this also enables you to easily arrange cables and module behind the lining.
  •  The horizontal wires which are often present in the rear window, have less influence on the reception.
  •  A good result is often achieved, while taking the window heating into account, by placing the antenna in the middle of the front and rear window.
  •  Because the bonnet and tailboard of the car (depending on the type) can have a positive or negative influence, it is recommended to experimentally determine if mounting at the bottom or top of the window gives the best results. A higher placed antenna is often better, because there is less disturbance from motorbikes or scooters.
  •  It is also possible to install the antennas inside spoilers, mirrors, sun covers, head rests, always under the condition that you take the above statements into account.
  •  Be aware that cables are installed so, that these can not get damaged by vibration or clamping. Fix all cables by using tie-wraps or something similar.
  •  Make sure that the connections at the receiver are well tightened, and make good electrical contact. Also make sure that a good earth connection is present at the place where your receiver is installed. This is very important to ensure trouble-free reception in an automotive environment.

1A. Front Window

1B. Rear Window

2A. Side Window

1B. Side Window


Funktioner og specifikationer



  • „Amplified VHF/UHF DVB-T Screen Antenna
  • „Bandwidth: 174 – 862 MHz, Cannels: 5 - 69
  • „Gain (average): 9-15 dB
  • „178 x 65 x 9 mm (without cable)
  • „5m cable with F-plug
  • „Power consumption: 5V / 30mA
  • „Impedance: 75 Ω
  • „No additional power supply needed (phantom supplied by the DVB-T tuner)
  • „easy to install
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